Are you tired of fighting your mystery illness?



Because that will never work

Maybe you feel stuck with one of these Mystery Illnesses:

ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis)
CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome)
FM (Fibromyalgia)
Long-haul Covid

Other chronic systemic illnesses where your balance, perception, digestion, and thinking are affected

Why fighting or blindly pressing on could actually be making you worse.

And why stopping the fight alone isn’t enough.

Fighting your illness is ineffective, too. You take a few steps in one direction. And when you get the next treatment or protocol, you take a few steps in another direction.

And while you’re stumbling around in the dark, reaching out for anything that might help, you’re also likely to be grieving for the life you’ve lost; the person you no longer are. It’s hard to make progress that way. But it sometimes feels as if it’s the only way.

What if the problem is “fighting,” and what it does to your body chemistry and nervous system?

What if the reason nothing works is the fact that you are approaching your health issues as a fight?

What would happen if you were in harmony with your illness (even a little bit)?

What if you aimed toward peace, instead of triumph? What could happen with the illness then?

Before going any further, I’d like to make something clear

I’m not a medical or typical health professional. I’m more of a Mystery Health teacher. Someone who can catalyze your ability to see new possibilities in your illness: how you’re experiencing it, and how you’re dealing with it.

I’ve been on the inside of one of these illnesses, and I’d like to share some of the things that have helped me drop hundreds of symptoms.

And, if you’re taking medication, I definitely want you to be going to a doctor who can monitor that.

Because here’s the thing. If we work together long term, things will begin to change, and your medication may need adjusting.

Calming Body Chemistry

It’s a whole different territory from what doctors cover

Because doctors don’t seem to start with the foundation for making real progress in these illnesses.

Neither do a lot of other kinds of health practitioners, although they may be really skilled and knowledgeable. 

You may have noticed that since you’ve been ill, no therapy or supplement you try really seems able to work.

That’s because you need to address the body chemistry issue first.

Why is calming body chemistry so important?

Your endocrine system (body chemistry), neurological systems, and immune systems are all so intertwined that you can’t affect one without affecting the others.

 So when you calm down body chemistry,

you’re calming the other systems, too.

I get that learning skills to be more peaceful may seem like a strange and not a very practical approach to you. But here’s something that can save you a lot of time and heartbreak …


That perfect treatment or supplement product?

 That one solution you’ve been looking and waiting for?

It doesn’t Exist

Because Mystery Illnesses don’t have one cause. That’s why they don’t have one cure.

And it’s why medicine, and a lot of other health workers are stumped.

And why fighting your way to that “One Answer”
 is unlikely to get you anywhere.

Instead of chasing symptoms, I look at the whole system.

The work I do catalyzes you to regenerate your own health
starting from where you are now.

 Not to recover your past; but rather, to discover your future 

What if we try a new way, together?

Transforming your illness,
and powerfully

Once the foundation of calmer body chemistry, nervous system, and immune system are in place, you have the momentum to cycle into real healing; where your gains stay in place instead of vanishing into the mist.

The body chemistry calming allows new perspectives, which continue to help in calming your body chemistry as you start new practices geared toward moving you into new patterns.

Those new patterns calm your body chemistry even further, and the Healing cycle continues.

It’s like a Spiral

A “Healing Catalyst Spiral”

Content: © Sunday Oliver / Template: PresentationGo 

Theories Are Not Solutions

While many very smart and dedicated people have come up with different theories
about the “One Solution,” they are just theories. They don’t give practical results.

I’ve learned that while these people may be experts in their field, they’re only looking at one aspect, from the outside.

In systemic illnesses that just doesn’t work. It’s like spending tons of energy figuring out what’s wrong with the kitchen faucet, when the problem is that the water main to the house is broken.

Many of these people are devoted, and may be experts in their specialitym but they don’t get the full picture.

They can’t, because they’ve been trined to look only at the kitchen faucet they specialize in.

They don’t really know what kicks off bad symptoms and weird results.

They only get their peace of what happens in these illnesses.

And they sure don’t know how the symptoms feel.

You may have noticed if you have one of these illnesses, that
you swap symptoms with other illnesses.

Since those symptoms don’t show on tests, the medical authorities just took the symptom clusters they could see from the outside and called them an illness.

That’s all the knew to do.

The reality on the ground is that all these diseases swap symptoms; they’re just different flavors of the same horrible ice cream.

I’ve lived inside one of those illnesses 

I’ve spent a lot of time with people who have them. We’ve all noticed that the symptoms change; they move around, and some symptoms can drop.

When you wind yourself up to fight and win, it’s actually making you physiologically and emotionally worse 

Not Better

And, as you may have noticed, it’s not actually giving you traction in healing.

Are you resigned to fighting on, spending precious time, money, & energy, hoping that someday, somewhere, someone will figure it out for you?


What would it be like

If you stopped the endless search to treat one symptom after the next?

If that quiet voice inside you is trying to convince you to take another kind of action?

To stop stumbling in the dark and get help discovering the hidden pathway to regenerating your life?

To transform your illness, instead of endlessly trying to get rid of it, or beat it into submission.

What could happen then?

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