The Healing Catalyst

A year-long journey, where logic meets magic,

to transform Mystery Illnesses doctors can’t sort out

Mystery Illnesses Like:

  • ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis)
  • CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
  • CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome)
  • Lupus
  • FM (Fibromyalgia)
  • Lyme 
  • Long-haul Covid 
  • Other chronic systemic illnesses (where your balance, perception, and thinking are affected.)

Did a mystery illness lay you flat and steal your life away?

And you’ve seen a lot of doctors, but you’re not much better?

Maybe you’re worse?

Maybe they don’t even believe you really have the symptoms you have?

Or they believe you, but they say, “I don’t know how to help you.”

They send you on your way with a prediction of a horrible future – or no future at all.

I get it!

My prognosis was
“progressive and terminal”.

Which means, “Get worse until you die.”

Maybe you feel …

• your life has been stolen from you, and you’re helpless to do anything about it,

• a fog is separating you from everyone else; you feel insubstantial,

• you’re ashamed (or too exhausted) to explain how even raising your head, or walking a few steps, is more than you can do today,

• you’re losing touch with friends and community,

• you have to work hard, on those rare occasions when you go out, to act “normal;” and then crash afterward.

You may be wondering if that’s it for you; if nothing can ever help you. I know I resented seeing my life slip away, not being the person I was before, feeling as if I was turning into nothing.

“It was like being a ghost and not being able to tell anybody what that feels like.”

You may feel betrayed by conventional medicine; maybe even by “alternative” health workers, the people who told you that they had their version of a silver bullet. The One Answer that would solve everything… Only it didn’t.

It’s so reassuring that Sunday has herself experienced serious autoimmune conditions & moved through them as initiations.

I seem to be meeting a potentially serious health crisis with a greater sense of resources to flow through the uncertainty.

Leslie T.

What things have you tried that didn’t work, or only kind of worked?

Here are some of the ones I’ve tried:

  • neurology, endocrinology, immunology
  • acupuncture
  • supplements
  • herbs
  • magnetic and crystal mattresses
  • infrared
  • qi gong
  • rife machines, and the like
  • hypnosis
  • tapping
  • dietary restrictions
  • herbs
  • homeopathy
  • tilt board
  • atlas adjustment
  • brutal therapies that push you physically
  • water therapy

You may have tried researching online and found a bewildering array of information and ideas.
But nothing that really seems to lead to an actual change in your health.

Here’s what a student said after just one of Sunday’s month-long programs— just one piece of the Healing Catalyst curriculum:

Something finally shifted in me. Like a lot of people, I’ve tried a lot of work and a lot of classes. Spent a lot of money. But there was always a wall. I’d say that I seemed to hit a wall. After your session something definitely shifted.

Noticeable changes have started to happen. I see nature speaking to me too. I feel good. I’m very grateful for your work.

Patricia Crowley

If logic were enough, wouldn’t you be well by now?

If you’ve found a cure that actually works for you, that’s great.

All I know is, most people just keep on wishing and hoping that some miracle will happen. And most people with Mystery Illnesses spend years, even decades, trying one method after another. Getting worse as they do it. It can be exhausting.

How about a new way?

Combine Logic with Magic,

stop fighting,

and start on the journey of healing.


There’s a biological law that we can’t fight illness and grow at the same time

This might be confusing, so let me break it down for you.

Fighting mode and healing mode are two different states in the body.

Staying in fighting mode means you’ve turn up the inflammation that causes your symptoms.

Fighting mode works against healing, not for it.

In the Healing Catalyst

we gently lead your system out of fighting mode and into regenerative “Heal and Grow” mode.

And we show you how to continue doing that for a lifetime.

 The Healing Catalyst is a 12-month Journey

Designed to change you for a lifetime

It’s not a quick fix.

It goes to the root of what’s going on with you.

What most people don’t know is that your body chemistry, nervous system, and immune system are so intertwined that they’re basically three parts of the same system.

If you change one part of that system, you change all of them.

So we start the healing changes by going deep into the chemistry, the stored experiences in your body that hijack your metabolism and create your symptoms. You have to be willing to go beyond your intellect to do that.

Energy healing helps you do that.  Easily, Gently, Kindly

It’s like sitting in a  canoe and having someone smoothly paddle you along, instead of using intellect alone, paddling like mad, and going in circles. Getting nowhere. I know a lot about the nuts and bolts of these illnesses:

diet • treatments • supplements • cell biology • neuroscience • metabolic pathways

But none of those things moved me forward until I added Energy Healing.

Energy Healing is a magical language our bodies respond to.

It’s where you tap into power that catalyzes real, lasting change.

That magic language was key for me.  Could it be the missing ingredient for you?

The  power you may have hidden away
for most of your life

This is what starts the changes
in your body chemistry and health

I use a combination of methods from my decades of healing study and experience (especially my experience with Mystery Illnesses) and customize them to you.

Because your journey is about remembering your own power to heal, I can catalyze those magical experiences within you. But you are the one who decides what to do with the magic.

Although logically you want recovery, think about what that means.

Recovery means going back to where you were.

Logically, is that really possible?

Even if you were healthy, could you go back to being, say 12?

But, what if you regenerate a new life by adding in focused magic?

Magic that focuses on  the cause of your worst symptoms and moves you forward?

If science went far enough, wouldn’t you have found a solution by now?

It’s not that I’ve given up logic; I just realized its limits.
Our intellectual brains are only a small percent of our brains – from 2-10%, depending on which studies you read.
The rest is unconscious.

If we’re using logic, at most we’re using 5-8% of the power that’s available to us.  

This is why, in my opinion, most of the usual healing techniques don’t work for Mystery Illnesses.
That’s why we have to go further than logic; we have to address the unseen parts that keep creating horrible symptoms in you.

The unseen, unknown agents that boil our body chemistry and tie our nervous systems in knots.

There are just parts of us that can’t be reached by the intellect. 

And those are the mysterious parts that are keeping your illness going.

For instance, there are other nervous systems besides the central nervous system.
They play a huge part in our health.

But while they are very responsive to magic, they’re often not at all responsive to conventional scientific methods.

It’s useless to try to influence those unconscious parts with logic. 

If you’ve ever eaten a third piece of cake when you were already full, you know this!

Logically, you knew it wasn’t a good idea.
But you ate it anyway.

Magic is the language the unconscious knows and recognizes.

That’s the hugest part of your power to heal.

The Magic in the Healing Catalyst starts with making your body chemistry more stable.

If you have a Mystery Illness, your chemical, nervous, and immune systems are in an uproar.

This is why you don’t respond to supplements, treatments, food, or anything the way you’re “supposed” to. 

But the more you learn to stop fighting, the more you can start regenerating.

The more you regenerate, the more stable your system gets. 

What If rationality can point the way, but it takes magic for healing to happen?

(That could be why, what works for someone else may not work for you. In order to heal, you have to use your own intelligence and play an active part.)

What if you had healing tools you could use to feel better, even when you can’t do anything more than lie there with your eyes closed?

What if you’re being called to create a new life?

Here is what happened when one of my students was able to stop fighting

Hi Sunday, it’s me Deb

I’m so excited over my recent progress. I’ve been a bit tired but in a good way as my nervous system is calming down.

One thing I’ve noticed over and over is not wanting to deal with certain things due mostly to my fatigue and HPA going off when I need to care for my son or do certain things like clean a part of my house. Before working with your audios I would “fight” it and get more exhausted no fun that one lol! Now I’ve been simply doing what needs to get done and I’m not exhausted doing it, also my nervous system is much calmer while doing daily things.

I’m also not so irritated if I am tired and things are necessary to get done even as little as possible.

Thank you! This has been a huge feat for me. 

What will you learn and experience in the Healing Catalyst?

You’ll get help and support from someone who knows the territory,
and has found a way through.

One of the most exhausting things about these illnesses is not knowing which way to head next.

I’ll supply a map, a route, tools, and skills that lead to a place where you can regenerate your life. 

And I’ll clear the paths for you a bit and help you over the rough spots. 

After you walk this path for a year, you will have the skills, tools, and experience to continuing your healing journey.


In-depth Overview Intake Session
online or by phone.

Gift basket customized to you.

Energy Healing Programs tailored to you that relieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.

Three (3) One-hour Sessions a Month for your immediate issues, healing requests, and questions
(online or by phone.)

Email or Voice Message App Support for “talking-sick” rants when you need them.
(I’ll typically respond by the next business day.)

Consultation on nutrition, herbs, supplements, exercise, and other treatments. 

Energetic Container That Holds and Supports You 24/7. It’s something my spirit friends provide for all my  students. 

Exit Session, Where We Look At What You’ve Accomplished, and I equip you for the next part of your journey.

Having worked with Sunday Oliver in three separate programs over the course of a couple of months, I am wholeheartedly grateful.

In her healing & teaching I benefited from her authenticity, heart, mind, intuition, soul & hard-won body-wisdom. I find her listening, affirming, understanding, and the energy to be both inviting & supportive as she gently guides perceptions from subconscious limiting conditioning into greater balance & wholeness. And her short energy processes are handy & effective.

Leslie T.

Twelve (12) Month Healing Catalyst Journey

What a Year with the HEALING CATALYST gives you

Sense of agency: you have the power to shift things in the illness.

Sense of progress: your baseline symptoms are milder or different.

Better body chemistry: along with tools and skills to keep improving so you get more and more traction in healing.

Less emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental pain.

A toolbox of healing skills and practices customized to you

Ability to use your illness as an initiation into the mystery of life, instead of just a burden and an obstruction.

Ability to catch the whispers of flareups and Herxes before they become a scream (so they aren’t as bad.)

Ability to navigate flareups, Herxes, and crashes with more equanimity so you’re not making your body
chemistry even worse.

Ability to better assess what will be helpful to spend energy on, and what will just drain you.

Ability to choose the supplements, treatments, foods, practitioners, and herbs that actually work for you
and pass by the ones that don’t.

A life where you’re more at ease.

A sense of more peace and more possibility in your life.

Direct experience of Your Own Power and connection with the intelligence that runs the universe.

Regeneration – weaving the old threads of your life into a new tapestry.

Healing Skills and Practices to Continue the Work.

12 Month Healing Catalyst Journey

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Payment Plans are Available

for more information, Contact Sunday

3-Month Foundation Healing Catalyst Journey

You’ll get the basic foundation of the Healing Catalyst Journey— the first three months that focus on tools and skills to head your body chemistry in a healing direction.

3 Month Foundation
Healing Catalyst

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Healing Catalyst Journey • Copyright Sunday Oliver

First … Steps 1 and 2: The two missing steps I didn’t find anywhere and had to create. 

These are the crucial foundational steps that you learn in the 3-month Foundation Journey They’re the first two steps on the Healing Catalyst Journey pyramid. They are the basis of stability that allows healing work to start working 



Without that, nothing else really lands.

Have you run into that frustrating problem of feeling, “Oh, I’m able to walk this far,” — and next week — it’s all gone? 

Or, you eat something one day, and it’s fine – but the next day, it’s not? 

That would be wacky body chemistry at work. 

Harmonizing your body chemistry gradually stabilizes your system so it can accept more and more healing. 

Without this piece, nothing really works for long. 

Instead of flooding your body with synthetic chemicals, we’ll use energy healing and simple practices designed to change your body’s state.

That allows your body to make its own intelligent choices about how your chemistry flows.
And that changes both your emotions about your illness, and the illness itself.  


It’s like learning a language: you have to be around someone who speaks it. 

This is a language that’s key to your health. 

Like learning a language, it happens by immersion: being with someone who knows not just the words, but the structure, the inflections, the idioms and flavor of this new way of living. 

You’ll learn things that will help change your emotions and build new neural pathways, a basis for regenerating emotional, mental, and physical health. 

Some of what you learn may surprise you – for instance, “protection” is not necessarily good for you. 

You’ll get effective tools for clearing emotional upsets that rile your body chemistry and learn how to hold emotions in ways that change your body chemistry and neural pathways.

You’ll get coaching to implement what you learn, so you can retrieve more of your own power.

Because, practically speaking, your body chemistry, nervous systems, and immune systems all intertwine.

You can’t change one without changing the other. This is why the “one solution” can’t work. 

This is where the 3 Month  HEALING FOUNDATION JOURNEY Ends

When I started working with you, I was feeling I needed support on a physical and emotional and mental level and wasn’t feeling able to do that for myself – and I didn’t really know what to expect, and just through kind of doing the work, I started to notice differences.

A lot of my themes are anxiety and fear, feeling uncertain, and I would notice after working with you that I would kind of feel more of an equilibrium start to set in…this buzzing anxiety or tensing worry would relax, and I have this image of easing all the surface turbulence…that really fits for me — whether it’s mental or emotional or energetic—and then, by kind of calming that, I‘d feel stronger, that maybe what was underneath could come out more – my strengths, or just the opportunity to have some rest that would leave me stronger or more balanced.

Abra Thomas

What one of Sunday’s students said about how emotional healing affected her and her illness.

I thank you so much for the healing you did for me. I was deeply touched that you understood how some of the past emotional hurts are affecting my health. I’ve had years of mind chatter, self-doubt and beating myself up about the smallest things. I am really hard on myself about things out of my control, even from my past. The silence was profound, the mind chatter just stopped, acceptance replaced it. I believe I have had some pain reduction and look forward to more progress with Fibromyalgia/ Pain syndrome. It is refreshing to just “BE” instead of being responsible for every mistake past, present, and future.

In the Great Adventure,  Janell Sinclair


Now that things have settled a bit, we take a look at your protocols, surroundings, and activities and we assess what’s working for you, and what’s not.

We’ll gradually adjust them, while you learn the valuable habit of making these assessments yourself, so you’re not spending energy on things that don’t matter to you. 

And, so you’re spending more energy on things that will really help you.

Since things are changing in your body, your protocols and energy management will need to change, too. 

You’ll hone your skills for knowing what efforts are worth draining yourself for, and what are not. 

How much time and energy did you spend finding the life jacket of protocol you have now?

The life jacket that keeps you afloat, but still lost at sea?

I can provide a map.

Without a map and directions, it can cost you a lot of money and energy and possibly health to find really helpful protocols. (I know that because that’s what I did…)

There are things that can support you even when all you can do is just lie there. 

Your daily life and surroundings may be draining you — and affecting your body chemistry —  more than you know. 

We can amp up refreshing things in your daily life, so that you feel more gentle support even on crash days.

And there are easier ways to do crashes. I can help you to learn the difference between a bad reaction and a healing crisis – and what that means for your healing journey. 

Throughout your time in The Healing Catalyst, you’ll be learning to regulate your energy, so crashes gradually get less severe.

The idea is to fade out spending time, money, and energy on things that don’t work; to stop so much managing and coping, so there’s more time for real, lasting healing

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This is where the rubber really starts to hit the road.

Now that we’ve got you starting to stabilize in some basic ways, we can start getting to the root of the problem.

Because, until that happens, you will just keep having the same emotional and physical symptoms.

It’s like taking your hand off the hot stove so you can finally tend to the burn.

Now your body can flow into “heal and grow” mode. 

This is not an exploration for the faint of heart. But it is a way to totally transform and regenerate your life.

There’s so much your illness can teach you about your deepest self, a part of yourself you may have abandoned long ago. Connecting with that is what catalyzes your healing. 

This is the deep work that most of us try to avoid – the excavation of old wounds and traumas that keep us – and our body chemistry and neurology—locked into a painful and debilitating pattern. 

But this work can happen gently, even beautifully. 

It’s about kindly letting those old hurts change their pattern so they no longer hurt you.

Not about exhaustingly, dramatically, violently reliving them.

Or intellectually examining them.
(This is where I think a lot of traditional therapy misses the boat, excellent as it can be for other things.)

If you’ve been hounded and paralyzed by trauma, here’s a secret you may have been missing: it’s about aiming toward peace, not triumph.

To get to peace, you’ll need to unravel a lot of the issues that are going on in your mind, feelings, and body.

I’ve created a menu of energy healing programs for:

body systems  – gut, nervous system, immune system, lower body, breathing and respiration, hormones, circulation and heart, and more.

mental/emotional states – anxiety, sleep problems, deprogramming from helplessness, expressing yourself, knowing your (new) power and place in the world, and more.

If you need a program I haven’t got, I’ll custom make one. (I love doing that!)


When you consciously notice something, your nervous system integrates it more fully. 

This will actually be going on throughout the program, but there will come a point when we focus on it a lot.

Make a practice of noticing changes you like, and you open the door for even more changes you like. 

Most of us are programmed to be in defensive mode and look for what’s wrong, so looking for the good stuff is a skill we have to learn. 

Being aware of problems is valuable in certain situations, but it’s also a way to tell our nervous systems (which also means our body chemistry and our immune system) that there’s danger out there and it had better go into defensive mode. 

Defensive mode is fighting mode: it catalyzes that cascade of chemicals that riles up every system in your body. 

This is why fighting your illness doesn’t work. 

That defensive body chemistry is a big part of what brought you here. 

You can’t heal in defensive mode: your body can fight, or it can heal. 

It can’t do both at once.


The way I see it, Mystery Illnesses are here to initiate us into a new way of being. 

That’s why fighting them is so useless, and journeying through them is so unexpectedly fruitful. 

While it may seem impossible to you now, I can help you begin to see your Mystery Illness as a path to remembering the true life you were born to lead.

I’ll equip you with additional programs that support you on your next steps. You will have amassed a library of healing work and practices specifically suited to you.

Sunday’s Qualifications

Besides knowing one of these illnesses from the inside,
I have a bunch of other qualifications in healing:

plant spirit connection
planetary relationships with plants
BA in plant medicine

herbology (Western European, US, and some Chinese)
color healing

sound healing
music healing
magnetic healing
ancestral and DNA healing
nutrition (especially for delicate systems)

flower essences
quantum touch
various other kinds of energy healing
some Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques

essential oils
nature yoga
psychological knowledge
practical philosophy
shamanic and ceremonial work (decades of it)

“I can’t give you your old life back.

 But if you’re willing to put in the time, I can help you find a new one”


Here’s the support you’ll get on your journey

1 ½ hour detailed Intake Session

To understand your situation more deeply, and start with advice on herbs, supplements, and practices. Your program is customized to you, not to some standard practice.  If your healing programs aren’t tailored to your particular system, you get fewer results – or none at all.

Gift basket 

After we’ve talked, I will curate a basket of healing goodies for you— physical and virtual gifts to support your healing journey. Gifts are fun. And fun is an important part of healing.

Healing and Feedback Sessions 

Private, hour-long energy healing and feedback sessions. Here is where some of your classes and practices will happen, and we’ll go in depth on the stuff that comes up from that.

The sessions will be recorded so you can review them and keep using the healing work.

Healing tends to work in layers, so the recordings allow you to keep peeling layers off.

Energy Healing Programs that address your most pressing symptoms 

In each program, you’ll get audio classes, plus energy healing audios to support your work. I’ll teach you how to calibrate the recordings for best effects. If you need a program I haven’t got, I’ll create one for you (that’s a really fun thing for me to do). 

You’ll have a library of Energy Healing Audios

In addition to these classes and energy healing audios, you’ll also be getting recordings of your sessions. By the time you finish the full year, you’ll know which support you can pull out when your muscles ache or your psyche needs a gentle boost.

You can use this library to build on the foundation we’ve created together. And you will have the skills to keep on using these energy healing audios intelligently as they continue to enhance your health.

A toolbox of home practices

Practice is how you begin to get lasting transformation. Intellectual learning is fun, but it doesn’t change your life. In your programs and sessions, you’ll be getting practices that you can manage without hurting yourself. You’ll choose only the ones that appeal the most, and focus on them during the time we work together. But the rest of them will be there for you all your life when you need them. 

Easy techniques for when you’re exhausted

So many programs for sick people assume they have the same concentration and energy as healthy people!

Avoid the frustration of stopping and starting because you’re too tired or overwhelmed to do anything in your programs. 

Many of the practices just involve a second of awareness, or playing an mp3— designed to be used on those days when all you can do is lie in bed.

Nutritional Counseling

It’s important that your body supports you in being your best self. It’s also important to notice what works best for your body, and how that can change over time. One size does not fit all in nutrition.

Herbs – We’ll work on specific supportive herbs and also your taste, because if you don’t like them, you won’t use them! We’ll also monitor what you’re using, to see if it’s effective for you now. 

Supplements – Stop wasting money on what doesn’t work, find what fits your individual requirements. And be aware that those requirements may change over time.

Exercise consultation – Tailor exercise to your system and needs not somebody’s idea of what you should be doing that usually leads to a crash. I found ways to exercise lying flat in bed with brainfog. It’s worth doing, and another way to help your body support you.

Sensory input overhaul of your home environment

This can be really important to your nervous system, and is often neglected. Constant flooding of the nervous system makes your symptoms worse. Being aware of what’s doing that, and removing it from the mix, can reduce the static.

Support for regenerating your new identity

No, you will not “go back” to who you were before – and that’s the good news. Learn about regeneration, so you can feel more stable in your new self. More stable means more able.

Recommendations for tools that really work

There are a lot of people out there claiming they have the key, the cure, the magical transformational tool. I’ve tested a lot that didn’t live up to the claims – and some of them that are legit, but don’t necessarily work for everyone. I can save you cash by helping you filter through some of this.

Ongoing container of cosmic support

When I work with people over time, my spirit friends create silent, ongoing energetic waves of support and healing. This is not something I do; it just happens. It means that you not only get the extra support, you have the door opened for your own relationship with your own spirit friends.

Questions? Doubts? 

Book a free, half-hour call on my Sanctuary Session page 

Ask me … I’ll listen … I’ll answer your questions,
and I won’t try to sell you anything during this call.

It’s really interesting to me to talk about Mystery Illnesses
and learn more about them from you.


You can rant to me

Most healthy people are kind of horrified by the problems we have and don’t know what to say.

Or we’re afraid we’ll bore them, and they’ll go away.

But sometimes we just need to do what I call “talk sick;” go on in detail about how crappy we feel.

You can voice-message me when you get a flareup of the same old stuff, again.

When I was really sick, I had two friends who were also sick, and we all did this for each other. 

It was invaluable.  

I also welcome rants when we get together in person, because that gives me information I can use in the energy healing part of our session. It allows me to focus on the area that can use the work most.

You’ll learn the principles of healing: I’m not just laying stuff on you as a passive blob

If you’ve been following the “fight and figure out your illness” model, what I show you will be really different.

Fighting and figuring out kept me stuck, not knowing whether I’d have energy any given day or not.  

And fighting an illness has a bad tendency to lead to rebounds.

I had a student who was a nurse.

In both private nursing and nursing homes, she saw recurrence of cancer time
and again in patients who “fought and won”.

The underlying problem hadn’t been touched.

In the Healing Catalyst, you’ll be able to participate in your healing.

You’ll be encouraged to remember your own power.

You’ll be able to safely touch that underlying problem and learn ways to gently,
but thoroughly, change it.

You can open up a lot more comfort and fun into your life that way.

As you learn healing principles, you’ll be supported in practicing them and making them your own

All the theory in the world will do nothing for you if you don’t put it into practice.

This doesn’t mean you have to have a rigid schedule of activity – how could you, given what you’re dealing with?

A lot of the “practice” in this will be lying there while taking in energy healing recordings, or listening to classes, or sessions with me. 

I’ll also be asking you to experiment with navigating your daily life in different ways, ways supported by those materials.

When you navigate differently, that begins to create new and healthier neural networks. 

The more you practice, the stronger the networks get, and the easier it is. This is one of the  ways neurological healing happens. 

I’ve done a lot of different things in my life to learn these skills – somatic work, meditation training – but I still feel like I become a victim, things happen to me and I feel powerless to have influence over them, so I really wanted to be able to do something more long-lasting, where I can kind of source for myself. I feel that process was furthered along in my work with you.

Abra Thomas