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Testimonials, Experiences & Results in Sunday’s Work with Mystery Illnesses

Unidentified Autoimmune Mystery Illness

Having worked with Sunday Oliver in three separate programs over the course of a couple of months, I am wholeheartedly grateful.  In her healing & teaching I benefited from her authenticity, heart, mind, intuition, soul & hard-won body-wisdom.  I find her listening, affirming, understanding, & energy to be both inviting & supportive as she gently guides perceptions from subconscious limiting conditioning into greater balance & wholeness.  And her short energy processes are handy & effective.

It’s so reassuring that Sunday has herself experienced serious
autoimmune conditions & moved through them as initiations.

With her help, my trust in various aspects of myself & certain abilities feels stronger than it’s been in a while & thus I feel more easily relaxed.  I seem to be meeting a potentially serious health crisis with a greater sense of resources to flow through the uncertainty.

Leslie T.

CFIDS/Chronic Fatigue after 2 of the shorter programs that are part of the Healing Catalyst

I’m so excited over my recent progress. I’ve been a bit tired but in a good way as my nervous system is calming down. One thing I’ve noticed over and over is not wanting to deal with certain things due mostly to my fatigue and HPA going off when I need to care for my son or do certain things like clean a part of my house.

 Before working with your audios I would “fight it” and get more exhausted.

No fun that one!  Now I’ve been simply doing what needs to get done,

and I’m not exhausted doing it.

Also my nervous system is much calmer while doing daily things. I’m also not so irritated if I am tired and things are necessary to get done even as little as possible. Thank you! This has been a huge feat for me.

Deb M.

Fibromyalgia – one session

Francine Wells

Sunday did my healing a couple of nights ago & wow did I feel the benefits the next morning!! I felt very peaceful & physically a lot stronger than normal. By the afternoon the effects had worn off quite noticeably but again this morning I’m feeling really good. Thank you so much!

Janell Sinclair

I thank you so much for the healing you did for me. I was deeply touched that you too understood some of the past hurts emotionally affecting my health… I’ve had years of mind chatter, self-doubt and beating myself up about the smallest things. I am really hard on myself about things out of my control, even from my past. The silence was profound, the mind chatter just stopped, acceptance replaced it.

I believe I have had some pain reduction and look forward to more progress

with Fibromyalgia/Pain syndrome

It is refreshing to just “BE” instead of being responsible for every mistake past, present, and future.
In The Great Adventure, Janell

CFIDS/Chronic Fatigue  (after 2 months of work)


When I started working with you, I was feeling I needed support on a physical and emotional and mental level, and I wasn’t feeling able to do that for myself. 

I didn’t really know what to expect, and just through kind of doing the work, I started to notice a shift just from getting to do the energy work in relation to what was going on with me – it felt nice to have that response to that thing that was most present, that I wanted to get some support around.

My themes are anxiety and fear, feeling uncertain, and I would notice after working with you that I would kind of feel more of an equilibrium start to set in. This buzzing anxiety or tensing worry would relax, and I have this image of easing all the surface turbulence– whether it’s mental or emotional or energetic—I ‘d feel stronger, that maybe what was underneath could come out more – my strengths, or just the opportunity to have some rest that would leave me stronger or more balanced

We get it in our heads that there’s a  “right way” to do it, and if we don’t do the right steps at the right time, we won’t get where we want to go. It can be true, but in situations like this, it’s more interactive. 

The benefit of that is that I can take the tools you give me, and other tools that I already have, and use them. Just use as few logistics as you can and connect to what you need to use. Simple.

Having the recordings was really nice because I could have them with me to do when I needed them, and I use them regularly for sleep, inflammation and anxiety problems.

Abra S

Fatigue Unidentified Brain and Sleep Issues – two sessions

The 2 healings you sent both seemed to be coming thru for me. The first time was when you did it, at 7:00, when my breathing changed and I began to exhale with the thought of “love” when I did it.

Saying that word, with your energy, brought a feeling of well-being to me. The second time a change happened also.  After the Olympics the other night I did it. Then I didn’t feel the obsessive thoughts for an hour or so. Which was unusual.


Cheryl S.

Physical Pain and Health

Reonne Haslett

My husband was in a coma in the ICU for 12 days. They were feeding him through a tube, and they said if he didn’t eat by himself, they would remove the tube and do a stomach puncture to feed him, so they could transfer him to a nursing home. He had already gone through so much medical trauma, and was in such a delicate state, I was afraid the stomach puncture would set him back again. He wouldn’t eat or drink. I asked Sunday to see what she could do to get him to eat. Two days later – the day before the transfer – he woke up and asked for a pizza! We were able to move him to the nursing home without the stomach puncture.  

Adam H. 

Thanks for doing work on my back pain. I feel comfy/easy now actually.  Respect!!  Well done.

Nika B.

I am walking much more easily, nothing hurts now. You helped my back more than the chiropractor did!

Reenee Mahabir

I usually smoke in the morning first thing. I did not! Wow! I have only smoked a few cigarettes and my body is putting up more of a fuss than usual. My body was inflamed. I had an egg sandwich for breakfast which is unusual as I hardly eat egg. I have bread and a vegetable with it like fried potato. 

I do not seem to have the cravings to smoke that I usually do.

I smoked very little today, about 5 cigarettes compared to an entire pack.

I have smoked for 24 years, and I am 49 in July this year.

You do really powerful work !!

I drank NO coco cola for the entire day. I do not have cravings for the coke and the sweet zippiness of it. I avoided the creme caramel that I like to buy on the way home from dropping my sister to school from a certain bakery. I bought a fruit salad instead and wanted it. Today I thought to myself, when last have you had a fruit of any type? Not in a while. I went to the grocery and purchased a large slice of watermelon, half a cantaloupe and some gala apples.

Joy Weaver.

I have experienced a variety of energetic healings over the last twenty years, but I have never felt a healing so strongly in my body before. Sunday Oliver is helping me heal a persistent hand and wrist problem. I have experienced a variety of energetic healings over the last twenty years, but I have never felt a healing so strongly in my body before. After the first healing, I felt significant relief. Sunday has a genuine healing gift. She is also a deep listener, and a person of very high integrity.

Emotional Pain Testimonials

The work Sunday did for me has been exceptional. Sunday helped me in two areas.  The first was confidence.  She was able to help me really define what confidence means to me.  Within hours, I felt completely and unapologetically in my power, something I have never before experienced.  I was able to be completely honest with my mother for the first time in my life without worrying how she would react to me speaking my truth.

The second area that Sunday helped me with was something I call weepiness at inappropriate times (like while watching Xena, Warrior Princess or anytime I try to sing). During the actual work, I became very aware of tightness and releases in my pelvis.

I had a profound realization that I carry extra weight because I want to have a larger personal space. I am not craving unhealthy foods, either. I am noticing that I am less weepy and it is not as intense. Sometimes I feel it swell in my throat, but never manifest as tears.

The healing has integrated very quickly (3 days) and I am having difficulty

remembering how I felt before Sunday’s powerful work.

I feel like I have received a huge and valuable gift.  Thank you Sunday!

Easter Alexander

Spiritual and Emotional Blocks

Hi Sunday, I purchased your package. When you did the show online I knew something finally shifted in me. Like a lot of people, I’ve done e a lot of work in classes. Spent a lot of money. But there was always a wall I’d say that I seemed  hit a wall. After your session something definitely shifted. Noticeable changes have started to happen. I m very grateful for you work. I see nature speaking to me too. I m looking forward to our session.

Patricia Crowley

Panic and Shame 

Sunday assisted me with a panic problem of letting people see the real me. If I let people see my creative side I experienced severe shame. After her treatment I didn’t even remember I had the problem in the first place.

She said things on one level but it was delivered to other levels and assisted me

in knowing where to pay attention for some healing work

Sherry Phillips Swate

Tension and Feeling Ungrounded

I live in the city, and her clear connection to the non-human world reconnected me and gave me groundedness and peace. The healing energy flowing from the audios allowed me effortlessly (and what a joy that is!) to loosen some of the knots I tie myself in, knots that she specifically addresses: I’m not good enough, I have to go along with others or they won’t like me, pain builds character and I can take it, depression is my friend . . . and more. I’m grateful for having these audios that remind me of the positive energy that I have within me, and help me live in it.

Rip Light

What a Session Feels Like 

From healing work in an online broadcast

Richard B.

I’ve listened to over a thousand presenters, and you may be the best healer I’ve heard!

Anxiety and Overwhelm—

Lianna Gardner.

I am so blessed to have been on the receiving end of a silent energy healing session with the wonderful and gifted healer, Denise Sunday Oliver.

In the depths of the silence, the energy of the healing took me through a powerful journey of letting go and a feeling of a calm gentleness afterward, that my spirit was truly grateful for.

If you have an opportunity to experience one of these unique energy healing sessions with Sunday, I highly recommend it. You will not regret one moment of it!

Feeling stuck and overwhelmed by earth changes—

Sherry Phillips Swatek.

I enjoyed a beautiful calm and serene session with Sunday. She shared some timely confirmation with me concerning bodies, earth and our connections to it. All of this resonated with me and I also found a new awareness of where I was stuck with some experiences I had with earth changes and how to clear that. She said things on one level but it was delivered to other levels and assisted me in knowing where to pay attention for some healing work. I experienced this as a cascade of understanding over a couple of days.

Energy Healing Recordings

Sessions are powerful, but deeply seated issues need Energy Healing recordings for lasting changes.

Report on results from audios after 3 months of foundation work—

I think there are definitely a lot of points with your work where I’d remember, “I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I need to trust the process, that I will get out of it what I needed to” – that’s where having all the recordings I could listen to really helps.

Report on the blood health audio series that’s part of the Healing Catalyst curriculum—

I’ve listened to the fourth of the blood audios twice now & here’s what I experienced:

First time – quickly began to feel vibration enlivening legs & then arms as well which intensified through audio & continued for a bit after the end of the audio; Second time – quickly began to feel the energy in my abdomen & then my chest & then also the back of my torso, both upper & lower; it remained in these four areas, but gradually reduced to the end of the audio. Fascinating to me!

Two more listening experiences with fourth blood audio: third time – vibration in ankles & feet, wrists & hands, forehead and crown; fourth time – vibration in ankles, hips, low back, low abdomen, a bit in knees & head …  I think I’m ready to add this one to the playlist & start playing with the fifth blood audio.  Then on to the lymph… I’ve played blood audio 5 for the past three days.

Day 1 – I felt energy flood all areas of my body which were in pain with

vibration which eased the pain.  

Day 2 I felt the painful areas clearly, but didn’t notice any vibration & the comfort wasn’t as immediate; however, it seemed like the audio helped my body relax first & then afterward the pain was lessened

Day 3 I felt the relaxation as the comforting energy (softer than the vibration with audio 4 or first listen to this audio) releasing pain & fell asleep. 🙂  Each day I felt a strong urge to loop the audio, so I think I’ll try that soon.

Leslie T.

Brief Description of Energy Healing Recording Experience and Effects

Melissa Thomas.

I don’t know what’s in your healing recordings, but they are profound!

Motivation from an Audio for being able to gracefully do more

E. Trabulse.

I think the working hard audio…got to me. I feel like I have all the time in the world and that everything will be fine. Everything is falling into place with the support of the universe.


NOTE from Sunday: You may have noticed that sometimes there is more than one testimonial from the people here.

They are the people I worked with longer, and with whom I got more results. That’s why I started the Healing Catalyst, so I could work longer with people, and they would get more and more lasting results. 

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