I’m Looking Forward to Working with You!

My work combines magic with logic— to open you to new possibilities in your health, relationships, and work in the world.

It’s work that affects you— physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

You get those effects through— focused energy sessions, practices, and recordings that catalyze healing inside you, steering you on to a new path.

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For recordings of the free work I do— plus written information I’ve picked up on keeping relatively sane and healthy in a world that is not always kind to us.

When you Subscribe … You’ll receive the free Energy Healing Audio, “Calm Outside Nervous System” (a silent audio!) plus instructions for how to use it. This was one of the first pieces of energy healing work I did for myself. It’s great for when you get frazzled by connecting with too many people and things.

Classes and Sessions

The Healing Catalyst

“Emotions and Illness Overview Course”

This lays out the structure of the journey that took me from bed-bound misery to upright and, with thoughtful strategizing, functional. 

I outline the healing stages: stabilize body chemistry, create new pathways and perspectives, coping less and healing more, getting to root causes of symptoms, registering new energy and clarity, and having tools and skills to catalyze your own healing. 

I deliver this class bit by bit, because each section has a lot for you to absorb, and I want you to take it in before the next section comes to you. You may want to repeat some of these sections many times.

This isn’t just an intellectual exploration – although I will tell you a lot of things you may not have heard before. I also do healing work for each of these sections. You’ll get a good taste of the kind of energy work that backs up the logic and catalyzes the healing.

Overview Class Videos  All 6 Videos $75.00

For a Free Preview  of Overview Class Session Video #1  –  Click Here

The Healing Catalyst Journey

Outline of the 6 Healing Stages by Sunday Oliver

01. Stabilize Body Chemistry

02. Create New Pathways and Perspectives

03. Cope Less and Heal More

04. Get to Root Causes of Symptoms

05. Register New Energy

06. Clarity, Tools, & Skills to catalyze your own healing

Private Sessions

Work with me on anything that’s bothering you 

  physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional.

 Each Session lasts for an hour

First, you tell me what’s on your mind. Then I do silent healing work.

After that, I tell you what I got in the healing; and, you tell me about your experience or ask me questions.

You get a recording of our session, so you can replay the healing work and the insights that come up for you.

One Hour Individual


Private Sessions

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The Healing Catalyst Journey

 A 12 MONTH expedition designed to change you

(and the illness you’re dealing with) for a lifetimE

12-month — Full Journey: $7,200

3-month — Foundational Journey: $1,800


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Live Class: Avoid Danger and Discouragement

Get Skills for Navigating
a Mystery Illness

COMING SOON— A four-week live, online class – plus a Private-Session bonus.

You can get run ragged by endless chases for “cures” that set you back in time, money, and hope. The wrong therapies can even make your health worse. While you do need to experiment to find what works for you, you can learn to recognize the characteristics of people who have no clue, and avoid them.

There’s also a lot of useful knowledge you may not have heard about.

In this class, we use energy healing and information to help you focus on what can move you forward …

in your mindset (which affects your symptoms)

in recognizing when someone can help you and when they can’t

in tweaking your environment so it gives you energy instead of taking it away

in starting to consciously change your body chemistry —and your symptoms— for the better.

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